Private Label Seasonal Offerings: A Compendium

Just like every quarter comes with new or refined goals and strategies for your business, so too does every season come with a new theme that you can use to your advantage. Whether it s capitalizing on the increased sun and warmth in the summer, snow covered pine trees in the winter, changing colors of the fall and blooming flowers in the spring, there s a way for you to make seasonal changes work for you and your business. And one of the easiest ways to do this is to release a seasonal product offering.

Spring: This is the time when everything (and everyone) starts to wake up, so to speak, from the energetic and sometimes quite physical slumber and rest of winter. This is a time when the colors are soft yet bright, the earth and plants are dewy and your skin is ready to take a break from the cold and harshness that winter can bring. For this time of year, a spring serum is a great way to launch into this time of growth. Utilize flower essences, oils like rosehip seed and scents that energize and invigorate. The feel should be moisture rich yet light, and it should bring a nice, rosy glow to the face.

Summer: Summer is all about the sunlight. The flowers are in full bloom, the thirsty earth loves to drink in the summer rains and the color of everything, from our skin to the petals of every wildflower, is deeper, darker and more vibrant. This is the time for a light yet deeply hydrating facial serum or spritz that makes the skin feel as satisfied as the sun parched soil does upon a long awaited mid-summer storm. Ingredients like cucumber, organic aloe and raw honey deliver much needed hydration while simultaneously soothing over-sunned skin and keeping things looking and feeling young and plump.

Fall: Fall is the time of the harvest. Everything has come to bear fruit and is ripe for the picking to be eaten, stored away and preserved for later use. Winter s deep chill hasn t set in but the hot sun of mid-summer has waned and the light is now a bit softer. This is when the cooling ingredients of summer make way for warming spices and smells like clove and cinnamon. Go for a body butter or scrub with frankincense and jojoba to moisturize, smooth and increase circulation in preparation for the slow moving energy of winter.

Winter: Winter is the time of rest. Of going inward and marinating in the juiciness brought to you from the rest of the year. The plants sleep, the leaves are gone and the mighty evergreens bend beneath the weight of snow and ice upon their boughs. It s time for a deep healing mask with rosemary, hyaluronic acid and vitamin C to keep the skin rosy, hydrated and supple. The more you nourish your skin in the winter, the better equipped it ll be to gracefully receive spring s return.

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