Private Label Shea Butter Conditioner

Dry hair. Frizzy hair. Limp hair. Hungry hair. These are all things that you don t have to have. You can bring life back into your tresses and save them from thinning and environment duress by using smart and lovingly formulated private label hair care. And our Shea butter conditioner is the perfect hair product for the task. Rich and nourishing without being heavy, and loaded with hair strengthening and protective vitamins and essential fatty acids, your hair, or the hair of your customers, is sure to be taken care of no matter its initial state.

Perhaps the biggest influencing factor in the beauty of someone s hair is the overall health of their scalp and hair shafts. Nourishing and lipid rich private label hair care ingredients are thus paramount to the nurturing and maintenance of a healthy mane that bounces and shines with beauty and health. The raw African Shea butter featured in our Shea butter conditioner is one of the richest sources available for hair loving lipids that protect and rebuild the hair shaft while simultaneously soothing and nourishing the scalp.

Because the Shea butter we use is completely raw, unrefined and wild crafted, the levels of active therapeutic substances are much greater than if the Shea butter had been refined or further processed in any way, making this formula a truly superior and effective private label hair care product. The texture is the perfect blend of rich and spreadable, and is readily absorbed by the hair, and just as easily rinsed out. 

But it doesn t stop there. In the spirit of truly multidimensional hair care, we ve added a comprehensive hair strengthening amino acid complex, Avocado and Olive for shine inducing vitamin E, Coconut for advanced hair penetrating action and Evening Primrose for even more antioxidants and a new essential fatty acid profile that perfectly complements that of Shea butter. The result is a private label conditioner formula that can benefit every hair type, colored or virgin, thick or thin and everything in between.

You can have the most beautiful hair imaginable- and with minimal effort put into it. All you need is an intelligent and multidimensional private label hair care formula to cover all of your bases, so you can get on to the next thing in your life. So let your hair, and the hair of your customers, be thoroughly protected, nourished and repaired with our comprehensive Shea butter conditioner. It really is the best of the best.
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