Private Label Soap Solutions for Baby

Your baby deserves the best, and you work hard to make sure that that s exactly what she/he gets. Though you may not know everything, what you do know is that the last thing you want to be doing for your baby is using irritating skincare products on their sensitive, delicate skin. And that s where we come in. Private label skincare, especially when done right and with plenty of integrity, can easily meet the specific and sensitive needs of infants in the realm of skincare.

Since babies don t have a whole lot of hair, their private label skincare needs will initially have more to do with the rest of their bodies. For bathing, the key is to use something that will keep your baby clean without stripping their very delicate, soft skin. In this case, harsh soaps and detergents are definitely not what you want to use. Instead, something as simple as Coconut oil will do the job perfectly. This is because instead of stripping the natural protective layer on top of your baby s skin, the Coconut oil will nourish and strengthen it. As for any disinfecting and germ removal, Coconut oil naturally prevents fungal, viral and bacterial infections, making it a gentle, moisturizing and protective cleansing agent for sensitive baby skin.

Other private label skincare oils you can use for your baby include Jojoba, Tamanu and even Olive oil. All of these carrier oils contain plenty of nourishing vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids that protect and gently hydrate. With oils like this, it s impossible to feel like you don t have what you need.

If you prefer to still use some kind of soap on your little one, then castile soap is a great option. Made from saponified oils and free of toxic and irritating ingredients, castile soap is a great private label resource and baby bath option. Here at RainShadow we also make a Gentle Hair and Body Wash for Babies that allows you to cleanse your child without stripping or irritating their skin. Infused with Comfrey, Chamomile and Rosemary to help control cradle cap and diaper rash, this is a great option for bathing your baby.

As a parent, nothing feels better than to know you are doing and providing the very best for your child. And that includes their skincare. With private label skincare substances like Coconut oil and our Gentle Hair and Body Wash for Babies, you can know that you really are giving them the best.
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