Private Label Stretch Mark Fixes

Stretch marks are normal, and pretty much everyone has them. And while there s nothing wrong with stretch marks, it s completely normal to want to fade them, soften them, or prevent them from happening in the first place. A marker of healthy skin is its ability to stretch and return to its normal shape and size, and you can nourish and strengthen this natural elasticity by applying private label skincare ingredients that strengthen, soften and help with the natural adaptability of your skin.

In order to prevent stretch marks as much as possible, you want to make sure your skin is elastic. This means ensuring that it has plenty of collagen to continually rebuild itself with, and to provide it with lots of anti aging antioxidants that neutralize the free radicals that so quickly damage the collagen within our skin. Softening stretch marks takes much the same approach, and requires giving your skin lots of regenerative, moisturizing and protective ingredients.

Private label skincare products that include ingredients such as Shea butter, oils such as Tamanu, Rosehip seed, and Seabuckthorn are perfect for helping to fade and prevent stretch marks because each one of these carrier oils is rich in nourishing essential fatty acids, antioxidants and active botanical compounds that heal the skin, reduce inflammation and neutralize free radicals.

Essential oils can also be very helpful skin feel soothed of stretch marks. Oils like Geranium, Turmeric, Rose and Clary Sage are just a few of the very potent skin regenerating and protecting essential oils that can enhance any private label formulation with an aim for stretch mark relief and long lasting youth. Each essential oil is teeming with a potent host of antioxidants and specialized botanical compounds that promote collagen formation, wrinkle and inflammation prevention and reduction, and harmony between and within all your cells.

The best part is that you don t have to choose just one ingredient. Mix and match for improved efficacy and fun. Whether you make your own skin care at home or have your own private label skincare line, you can easily harness the skin smoothing, regenerating and stretch mark softening properties of some of nature s best private label skincare offerings. Use in massage creams, lotions, oil blends, special balms and even scrubs to bring out the natural glow and radiance contained within your skin.
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