Products with Sea buckthorn

sea buckthorn tree
Brightly colored, rich in essential fatty acids and antioxidants, Sea buckthorn berries are true skincare super heroes. Their nourishing oil is a veritable gold mine for all things anti aging, beauty and youth. To be blunt, we love Sea buckthorn. We love it so much that we ve chosen to include it in some of our favorite, ready to buy stock products so you don t have to worry about trying to add it yourself. Whether you just want affordable natural skincare that works, or you want to add your own brand to our pre-formulated skincare for your own private label, rest assured that these Sea buckthorn filled formulas are all you need in the realm of anti aging, antioxidant rich products. We have five stock products formulated specifically with Sea buckthorn oil in mind: our Anti Oxidant Toner, Wash and Moisturizer, our Deep Cleansing Oil, and our Extreme Anti Oxidant Mask. Notice how the word anti oxidant keeps coming up? Yeah, Sea buckthorn oil is teeming with these free radical gobbling little guys and as you probably already know, the more antioxidant action you ve got going on in your skincare strategy, the better.

Along with a generous amount of Sea buckthorn, each of these five products contains our proprietary herbal hydrosol as well as other anti aging skincare ingredients like organic Aloe, Green Tea, vitamin C, MSM and other anti aging carrier oils like Raspberry seed and Tamanu. Each product comes in a wide variety of sizes so you can sample each one to see how you feel before including it in your own private label skincare line or using it for yourself, and the packaging is UV protective so that the product integrity is protected and extended. Additionally, each Sea buckthorn formula is appropriate for a wide range of skin types, in part because of the presence of Sea buckthorn. Consider Sea buckthorn a smart skin ingredient- who doesn t want intelligence infused private label skincare? Who doesn t want integrity infused into all of their formulas? Who doesn t want a bounty of antioxidants on their side? This beautiful orange berry is amazing, and we are so happy to have it in our skincare tool chest. Whether you re looking to expand or begin your own private label or just want the best of the best for your own skincare routine, Sea buckthorn oil is an ingredient to make sure you ve got checked off your list. Choose from our toner, wash, moisturizer, cleansing oil and mask to meet all your needs with satisfaction, grace and plenty of anti aging goodness.
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