Renew Your Skin With Our Glycolic Derm-Line Kit

No matter what skin type you have, fine lines and wrinkles will be something you ll end up combating at some point or another as a part of your anti aging private label skincare routine. Now, that s not to say that there s something wrong with growing old and wise. To the contrary, providing your skin with intelligent and effective skin care products will ensure that your skin gently and gracefully ages with you so that even in your older years, your skin still glows. And one of the best private label skincare ingredients for this purpose is also the star in our newest product lineup: Glycolic Acid.

Glycolic Acid is a member of the AHA family and is one of the more gentle AHA varieties. It is perfect for all who want skin that is tight, bright and gently exfoliated without all the discomfort and potential skin irritation that can come from typical peels and exfoliators. At a simple and perfectly therapeutic 10% Glycolic Acid content, our Glycolic-Derm line delivers all the benefits of Glycolic Acid while still making it a gentle and accessible every day product line.

Glycolic Acid, aside from dissolving and eating away the dead and rough skin that lays on your topmost dermal layer, also helps to heal and fade scars and hyperpigmentation, soften and disappear fine lines and wrinkles, increases collagen and skin tightness, stimulates blood flow for a healthy glow and internal skin nutrition delivery, and clears away blackheads, pimples and clogged pores.

Each formula has also been enhanced with potent and effective anti aging ingredients that include plant stem cells, bearberry, peptides and niacinamide for a truly skin brightening and collagen nourishing concoction that tackles each and every skincare complaint. The 4-pack comes with a serum, lotion, wash and mask so you can treat your skin daily along with a weekly skin treat via the mask. It is the perfect starter pack if you are just beginning your own private label skincare line, or if you want to give a loved one or friend a skin supportive gift.

Skincare can be as fun as it is effective. With our Glycolic-Derm line, you get both. An easy three-step process every day with a once a week treat brightens, tightens, heals and harmonizes for skin that is radiant, clear and effortlessly young. It is as innovative as it is a blend of old and natural wisdom, and it s here and ready to treat your face.
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