Rosemary Essential Oil: Culinary Herb Turned Hair Care Extraordinaire

Sometimes the most common of skin care ingredients are the most remarkable and Rosemary is one of those ingredients. Typically used as an herb for cooking because of its flavor and aroma, Rosemary also soothes irritations of the mind and the skin. It especially lends it healing and strengthening powers to the hair, banishing sad, limp and thinning hair for good.

Rosemary essential oil works to strengthen the hair and stimulate the hair follicles to make hair grow faster and thicker. It is said to slow down premature hair loss and graying, in turn keeping your hair healthy, thick and in full color for much longer. Also, people who experience dandruff and a dry, flaking scalp will love Rosemary essential oil. It can be used as a regular hair tonic to nourish and balance the scalp, when mixed with a simple carrier oil such as Jojoba, or other essential oils such as Tea Tree or Sage.

Rosemary essential oil is also known to boost brain activity and can aid in extending and enhancing concentration. It is thus a great oil for students to use, especially during exams. Rosemary is also a wonderful aroma therapeutic remedy for depression, mental fogginess, and forgetfulness. It can be used in the diffuser while you work or study, or simply placed neatly on the temples for the same effect. Not only will it increase your mental focus and uplift your spirits, but it smells good too!

Rosemary essential oil can also be used in private label skincare as an anti aging antioxidant and antiseptic. This means that not only can it be used in formulas to prevent aging and heal damaged and prematurely aged skin, but it can also be used for skin that is inflamed, irritated, and overly oily.  Conditions such as eczema, dermatitis, and acne may be benefited greatly by the use of Rosemary essential oil. Simply mix with a healing carrier oil such as Jojoba or even Shea butter and massage into irritations. For acne, a light and refreshing spritz can be made by simply diluting the Rosemary in some water.

While essential oils have such a wide spectrum of uses and can sometimes be used interchangeably, Rosemary is particularly suited to hair care and the soothing of bacterial infections and external irritations. Include it in your intelligently crafted private label skin care formulas to provide the best in botanically delivered antioxidant, hair strengthening, and mind soothing properties.

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