Sacred Skin Care With Sage Essential Oil

When most people think of Sage, they probably think of the practice of smudging , where the smoke of the plant is used to purify a room. While this is no doubt a fun and potentially meaningful use of Sage, the essential oil offers us other uses that yield beautiful results thanks to the potent phyto-chemistry of this plant. Whether you re interested in skin care, immune support, or ancient herbal lore, Sage essential oil will secure its place in your essential oil arsenal.

Sage was greatly revered by the ancient Chinese and an ancient Chinese proverb roughly translates to How can a man grow old who has Sage in his garden? Dutch merchants who traded with the Chinese during the seventeenth century remarked that the Chinese regarded the Sage plant with such high esteem that they would trade three chests of tea for one chest of Sage. To the Romans, Sage was a sacred plant only to be gathered by a special person appointed for this purpose.

In todays world, the Sage plant itself is often used for smudging and is said to purify the air. And indeed, Sage essential oil has antifungal, antimicrobial, and antibacterial qualities. It can be used in the diffuser to keep your home purified and pathogen free, as well as used externally for fungal infections, bacterial infections, and to help prevent wounds from going septic. It should be noted, however, that Sage does contain camphor and should thus be avoided by pregnant women.

Sage essential oil is also a potent source of anti aging antioxidants that lend it a valuable place in private label skincare products. It is anti inflammatory and can be included in oil and other private label product blends to help soothe skin inflammations and irritations. Sage essential oil can also be used to help fade and even eliminate scars, stretch marks and the inflammation induced dark spots that sometimes accompany the occurrence of blemishes and sores. This scar-reducing quality, when merged with Sage s antioxidant and antibacterial properties, makes it an excellent and well-rounded ingredient for private label skin and body care alike.

Sage is an ancient herb that carries its old uses into today s modern world. From skin care and scar repair to infection protection and the purifying of the air, Sage is a wonderful essential oil to utilize in your daily life. Its distinctive and slightly herbaceous aroma is sure to please and can bring you dermal healing and protection with botanical ease.

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