Sanafect Sample Bundle: Natural Home and Body Care

Many of us have shifted to a mindful and conscious approach when it comes to personal care products and cosmetics. But what a lot of us haven't thought much about is our daily household products! Or, maybe you have and are not sure where to start! With a worldwide pandemic currently happening, what better time than now to shift our household products to more natural options. Many restaurants and businesses are asking us to apply hand sanitizer before entering the building and to take extra precautions. The constant use of harsh and drying hand sanitizers and soap can severely dry your skin out. Which is why we formulated our private label Sanafect product line.

Common commercial hand soaps can be harsh and drying. Looking for products that contain plant-based ingredients and a shorter ingredient list is a good rule to go by when making your next purchase. There is a wide array of natural ingredients that work well and add a fun, effective flair to products. Now let's get educated and break some of these powerhouse ingredients down!

Colloidal Silver has a long history of use in products intended to help keep things clean. A blend of Colloidal Silver and alcohol will work even better together to create a more safe and eco-conscious, powerful cleansing product.

Our Legendary Blend of Thieves not only has a wonderful aroma, it too also has a history of use in cleansing products thanks to both folklore and more modern research.

Organic Aloe is hydrating and packed with enzymes and vitamin E. It's a great ingredient to be looking for when purchasing your next hand sanitizer or hand soap since it can help to offset some of the dryness you may experience from regular use of these types of products.

You can also go the minimalist route with a few DIY recipes; use a blend of water, white vinegar, and citrus essential oils as a multi-purpose surface cleaner, even on windows!

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