Say Good-bye to Cellulite

Cellulite is hands down one of the most frustrating beauty complaints. Similar to acne, many people, especially women, feel like they are in a losing battle when it comes to figuring out the right remedy to disappear those dimples and replace them with smooth and tight skin. While hormonal issues and lifestyle factors, such as diet, do have an effect on cellulite, there are other things you can do to get rid of your unsightly cellulite for good. And perhaps our most favorite one is to use our organic anti-cellulite gel.

Loaded with skin restorative and cellular strengthening ingredients, this gel is a favorite among plastic surgeons and beauty aficionados with a taste for smooth skin and private label skincare products that actually work. With this gel, toxins stored in fat cells that contribute to dimpling are escorted out of the body, while the cellular and connective structures under the skin are strengthened and maintained for smooth and toned legs, under arms, and anywhere else needing some supportive and smoothing love.

Arnica helps to build cellular integrity and reduce inflammation, while Dead Sea salts detoxify and strengthen. Ginger and aloe bring tightness, tone and anti aging anti oxidants and polysaccharides into this dynamic formula for resilience and glowing youth. Papaya enzymes help to gently slough away dead skin cells and increase product penetration, and MSM brings a hearty and necessary dose of serious skin food to help the formula go deeper into cells while also increasing collagen production where it s needed. To top it all off, pink grapefruit famously dissolves the bumpy cellulite deposits beneath your skin.

This formula is truly a gem because of the quality of ingredients used and the actual efficacy of the product. Private label skincare lines with this gel stand out, just like the smooth and toned limbs of those who use it. It s easy to use, gentle, and can be applied to isolated areas as needed. For a spa treatment it makes an excellent body wrap, and can be used as a private label skincare base to apply before other products, such as a body butter. Results are seen within a matter of 20 minutes, and continue to get better and better with continued use.

RainShadow Labs organic anti-cellulite gel works by actually supporting the natural structure of the skin while simultaneously removing and safely escorting out stuck toxins that contribute to a bumpy and dimply appearance. It is comprehensive, effective, simple, and altogether right.

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