Send Your Hair to Rehab

Rehab can be a touchy subject- but not when it comes to your hair! Hair rehab is exciting and fun! Not only does it work, it s an excuse to relax and feel pampered for a little bit- something increasingly hard to come by in todays busy and productive world. Thankfully, you don t have to give up productivity in the name of pampering; with our Hair Rehab Deep Repair Hair Mask, you get to have both. Indeed, the two go hand in hand as the hair mask works towards the happiness of your hair while you kick back and relax for 20 minutes.

Hair Rehab Deep Repair Mask is comprised of pure and potent plant lipids and powerful hair care actives that provide the kind of intensive healing you d expect from a top notch rehab. You can use it as a hair mask, leave in conditioner or regular conditioner; it really is a do-it-all kind of product. Rich and protective Shea and Cocoa butters are blended with Argan and Jojoba oils for the best of the best in hair loving lipids. Vitamin B5 and silica rich Horsetail, Green Tea and Seaweed keratin rebuild, strengthen and protect, and our optional essential oil based scents of English Garden or pure Rose add a lovely and soothing aroma therapeutic effect.

While everyday hair care can feel necessarily mundane, the reality is that it doesn t have to be. Fun and sexy hair receives fun and sexy treatments. If your hair is unruly, trust that Hair Rehab will make it behave. If your hair is dry, know that there s enough plant powered moisture in this Deep Repair Mask that each hair shaft will be thoroughly bathed in restorative botanical based love. And if your hair is just dull and tired, know that Hair Rehab provides the perfect revamp so your hair can bounce, shine and move with new and exceptional life.

Don t be scared of rehab. When it comes to your hair, it s one of the best things you could do for it. Use our Hair Rehab Deep Repair Mask every week, or every day if you wish. Put on a facemask while you re at it for even more pampering for you and the kind of private label hair product love you ve been looking for. Stable, effective, fun and simple, this formula is the epitome of what a hair mask should be.
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