Skincare Quality Control At Home

When you buy private label skincare products, you are trusting that the brand or company you ve chosen to buy from has done their part to maintain proper quality control. Every company has to be compliant with quality requirements, but unfortunately people still can get stuck with product that they are unhappy with. Though there s no way you can control everything, there are some things you can do at home to make sure that the products you are using haven t gone off and are otherwise maintaining their quality.

The obvious action step to maintain private label skincare product integrity at home would be to check your expiration dates, but that s not the only thing you can do to make sure you re only using quality products. For example, when it comes to products like carrier oils, you can make sure to buy oils that are raw, extra virgin and/or cold pressed so that the quality of the oil is top notch. Then, be sure to store the oils in a way that protects them from oxidation and reduces their risk of going rancid. This usually means that they be stored in a cool, dry and dark place, with some oils even requiring refrigeration. Be sure you know the particular needs of the oils you buy in order to keep them fresh as long as possible.

For other private label skincare products that are more than just oils, some of the same principles apply. Keep stagnant water out of their containers, keep them out of high heat and direct light, and use them in a timely manner. No matter how high quality the product, chances are that after a certain point (many times this point is years later, but it still exists) the product will no longer be good. In other words, if you discover a face cleanser in the back of your drawer you bought and used once a couple years ago, it s probably not the best idea to use it again.

Some other things to pay attention to are textural and smell changes. For example if you re not sure a carrier oil has gone bad but it smells sour, extra pungent or just different than when you bought it, chances are it s rancid and you don t want to use it. The same applies for other private label skincare products. By simply paying attention to changes in smell and consistency and storing your skincare products properly, you can practice easy and effective quality control for your skincare at home.
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