Snake Venom is Finding its Way into Cosmetics

Snake venom can cause paralysis in humans. This is why the bites of venomous snakes can be so dangerous. But, botox has the same effect of causing paralysis. When botox is applied to specific parts of the face it can reduce the appearance of wrinkles by paralyzing the muscles that cause expression.

Scientists and wholesale cosmetic manufacturers alike have been researching methods to add an innovative wrinkle reducing substance to creams and lotions. There are already creative items on the market that use caffeine, glycolic acid and other substances. The idea behind using snake venom is that it could become an essential part of a womans anti-aging technique.

With the use of snake venom in enhanced cosmetics, a woman would not need to go to the doctor for substances such as botox. Even if the venomous creams and lotions were comparable in price to the botox, it would not profitable for a company that used real snake venom, which is very expensive.

The solution is for companies to use a synthetic snake oil. This can be found in a handful of products currently. While some celebrities swear by the products, researchers point out that the synthetic venom is not as potent as authentic venom and that the process of production and use have not been tested enough to be deemed 100% safe.

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