Some Of Our Favorite Uses For Thieves Essential Oil Blend

Have you ever tried the Thieves essential oil blend before? Do you know the story behind it? Legend has it that the recipe for this incredibly potent and effective essential oil blend was given to the king of England by a couple of notorious thieves in exchange for their lives because they had been plundering the dead bodies of those unfortunate souls who had caught the Plague. The thieves miraculously did not catch the Plague, and the recipe they divulged as their secret is still with us today, as potent and protective as ever. While uses for the Thieves blend are virtually endless, here are two of our favorites:

In a Diffuser

Diffuse it! This method of use is especially useful during flu season, or if someone in your house is already sick, but we like to do it year round as well. By percolating these highly antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal essential oil particles throughout your home, the spread of sickness is much more easily halted and prevented. The smell is also wonderful and thus acts as a room freshener and deodorizer. Thieves essential oil blend has also been shown to be particularly effective at combating the growth of mold, so if you have any mold issues in your home, diffusing Thieves essential oil can help to combat the issue.

To Brush Teeth

You can also use Thieves essential oil blend to brush your teeth! Whether you have your own private label skincare line and would like to add a teeth cleaning serum to your lineup, or will simply use the oil straight at home, a couple drops of Thieves essential oil on a toothbrush with some baking soda is a great way to brush the teeth and keep the mouth clean, fresh, and cavity causing bacteria free. You can also use it to clean your dogâ s teeth by adding 1-2 drops of oil for every 1 oz. of water in a spray bottle, and spraying your petâ s teeth with it once a day (provided your pet does not have any allergies to the oils included in the blend).

Essential oils can be used and enjoyed for much more than just their smell, and one of the best things about the Thieves blend is how practical it is. Clean your house, diffuse it, brush your teeth with it, and even use it to help care for your petâ s teeth as well. It smells good, and is one of the smartest and simplest ways to keep your home, and mouth pathogen free.

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