Soothe Hands with Essential Oils

The hands are one of the most used body parts. The skin on the hands can become damaged easily. Joints and muscles in the fingers and the palms can ache when they are used for work such as gardening, sweeping and other day-to-day activities. In harsher conditions, such as fishing or working in a kitchen, the hands can become even more tired and sore. There are several uses for essential oils and the body. The power of these oils shouldn t be overlooked. They have been used in traditional creams and treatments for decades. You can use these oils to help treat your hands. To find the right oil for your hands, simply look for pure oils. Smell the oils and choose a single type or create a blend with two or three that you respond to well. Many times your body will sense the smell and respond to the one that will be most helpful to you. Aromatherapy is powerful and can be positive in promoting health. Next, find a high quality unscented massage oil blend, hand cream or lotion. The type of cream or lotion that you use will depend on the condition of your hands. If they are very dry and chapped, a thicker cream will work better than a simple lotion. Next, you can blend the oil into the cream or lotion. Once you have blended the oil in to the cream, oil or lotion apply to your hands. This can help your hands to feel better and can also help to improve your mood. The aroma in the oil will be therapeutic to your body and your mind. You can find information online or in books to learn how to massage the muscles in your hand with a precise technique to help increase the benefits of the scented creams.
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