Southern Whiskey Essential Oil Blend

Not everyone likes floral smelling scent blends. For some, the concentrated smell of roses, for example, is too overpowering. And people like this can often feel alienated, or like they don t have enough options in the essential oil world. While we will be the first to say how much we love flowers and their essences and oils, we also understand that they re not for everybody. And that s where our second love comes into the picture: barks and resins. These types of plant materials yield deeper, earthier, more grounding and sometimes musky smells that are perfect for those who are not inclined toward floral scents.

It is with this in mind that we created Southern Whiskey, a smoky, charming, full bodied and intoxicatingly sensual blend of oils like Tobacco, Clary Sage, Sandalwood and Frankincense. It s a scent that suits both men and women, would be amazing in a candle or soap, and provides a comforting and sexy edge to private label skincare products.

The base of Southern Whiskey begins with Tobacco leaf essential oil, and this sensual, smoky and earthy scent is an experience unto itself. Clary Sage follows and helps to balance the Tobacco with its clear and refreshing aroma. Frankincense and Cistus Resin bring on the sensual scent layers that make this essential oil blend so amazing. Three different kinds of Sandalwood and a couple more resinous wood oils complete this and finish the botanical re-creation of the smooth, spicy, sexy experience that is Southern Whiskey.

There aren t many if any private label skincare products that can boast a smell such as this one. Vanillas, Lavenders and Pumpkin Spice smells are everywhere, and if you look a little deeper you can find oils like Eucalyptus and Peppermint as well. But this? This is something special. This is something new. Something with an undeniable uniqueness and ability to stand out in a marketplace that is saturated with the same old smells- however good they might be.

Diversify your private label skincare offerings. Diversify your own signature scent collection. Branch out and dare to be different, exceptional and undeniably sensual. Uplifting and comforting in its aroma therapeutic effects and tantalizingly unique in its smell, Southern Whiskey is our offering to you in the name of the amazing phytochemistry that resins, barks and plants like Tobacco have to offer the senses.

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