Spearmint Essential Oil: A Private Label Peppermint Alternative

Peppermint is a very popular essential oil, and for good reason! Its uses are very multidimensional and it s a great staple to have on hand, but what about those of us who would like a less pungent alternative? Peppermint s gentler little cousin, spearmint, has a plethora of beneficial properties to offer, and can be used in many of the same ways as peppermint. From aromatherapy and tooth care to sore muscles and bug bites, there is a private label spearmint application for you.

Due to the much lower content of menthol found in spearmint, it is a choice alternative to peppermint essential oil and can be used for basically all of the same things. It is a great essential oil to use if you have children due to its more gentle properties and mild flavor and smell. If you enjoy making your own essential oil creations at home, consider using spearmint in place of peppermint for a bright and fresh minty change.

Spearmint was used by the ancient Greeks to treat infections and scent their bathwater, and it has also historically been used to freshen the breath and soothe sore and inflamed gums. From a private label skin care manufacturing perspective, spearmint essential oil can be used in private label essential oil blends for aromatherapy, as well as formulas that target muscle aches and pains. A couple drops in a carrier oil of your choice makes for a wonderfully simple DIY massage oil.

Because spearmint is a gentle anti inflammatory, using it on bug bites and inflammation that causes itching can be a great way to potentially bring some much needed relief to these uncomfortable symptoms. Some even like to use a drop placed on inflamed acne as a natural spot treatment. And just as spearmint brings relief to inflammation, it can also be used to help with fatigue, stress and tension. Place a couple drops in the diffuser or on the temples for some relaxation promoting aromatherapy.

Whatever the case, spearmint is a wonderfully practical essential oil to have on hand. In your private label manufacturing needs, spearmint can go in everything from hand sanitizers and muscle rubs to aromatherapy blends and itch-relieving balms. At home, have fun experimenting with spearmint essential oil in your body oils, candle and soap making, and even as a nice addition to your home cleaning solution.

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