Spice Up Your Private Label With Ginger Essential Oil

Let s face it, sometimes you need to spice things up, and the holiday season is the perfect time to do that.  One of our favorite ingredients for this purpose is ginger essential oil. We like to use it in private label formulas for everything from menstrual cramps and sore muscles, to help in the alleviation of colds and coughs, and even as an antibacterial agent. It s a lovely, multidimensional oil that brings a spicy, aromatic warmth into your private label.

Ginger root originated in Asia, where it was used for many of the same reasons listed above. In India it has long been used as a tea for bacterial infections, and is a popular ingredient in their traditional digestion boosting drink of chai. This same antibacterial action can be applied to your private label personal care products through a number of ways, not the least of which is as a simple oil to diffuse in the diffuser. It is also lovely when included in formulas such as chest rubs that aid in one s ability to breathe and fight off infection.

As a sore muscle or menstrual cramp rub, ginger is superb. Massage it onto a loved one, or apply on yourself for soothing relief from achy soreness and pain. It can also be used as a wholesale cosmetics addition to your at-home blends. For cramps and sore muscles, simply blend a few drops of ginger essential oil into your favorite carrier oil of choice- jojoba or coconut would work just fine.

Because of ginger s spicy, exotic scent, it makes a wonderful aromatic addition to private label skincare such as body scrubs, perfumes, lotions and even candles. It is invigorating, warming and soothing all at once, making it appropriate for a myriad of private label skincare products. And its aroma-therapeutic properties provide an uplifting boost for the senses and the mind, so your customers feel as good mentally as it makes them feel physically.

The experience of a product is as important as the therapeutic properties it offers, and ginger essential oil is a perfect addition to your private label skincare specifically for this reason. It soothes, uplifts and warms all at once. So whether your private label product aims to fight the achiness of a sick body, bring relief to an uncomfortable infection, or simply calm an overactive mind, ginger essential oil has got you covered.

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