Spring Skincare Dos and Don ts

springtimeHere comes spring! The sun starts to shine more, the birds are up early singing, and the harsh outside bite is starting to noticeably retreat. And along with that outside bite goes the extra dryness you might have been experiencing during the winter. The question is whether or not you should keep on using that heavy winter moisturizer, stop altogether and let your skin adapt on its own, or switch up the private label products you re using to match the weather. While it s important that you pay attention to your skin s own unique needs, there are some guiding principles to keep in mind as you transition into spring skincare.

Do: Exfoliate. Hopefully you ve been doing this regularly throughout the winter anyway, but if you haven t you will definitely want to start. Regular and gentle exfoliation helps your skin to stay balanced and better adapt to the change in the season. It also will help your skin better absorb and utilize whatever private label skincare products you are currently using and whatever ones you may choose to transition to now that your skin has different needs. You can use a mask or scrub, or combination of the two to keep your skin fresh and exfoliated.

Don t: Neglect your skin. This could look like a whole slew of things including not paying attention to any changes in your skin, not taking care of it by letting your pores get clogged and dead skin build up, or going tanning to build up a base and going overboard and burning your face. Think of your skin as a living, breathing thing that communicates with you. By simply paying attention you will start to become more familiar with your skin s own individual needs and the way it responds to certain things, including those that put it out of balance.

Do: Consider using a gentle toner or hydrosol. Make sure it is not alcohol based but is instead full of nourishing, toning and adaptogenic ingredients that will help your skin stay smooth, tight, toned and hydrated as the seasons change. A high quality private label toner can even double as a light summer moisturizer, so keep that in mind and pay attention to the response you get from your skin when trying this out.

Spring flowers and sunshine bring out the best in all of us. We feel happy, more energized and excited for each day. The same effect can be had on your skin as the seasons change. With a little bit of attention and adjustment, your skin can respond to the seasonal change with as much positivity as you do.

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