Spritz Your Face For Spring

With spring in full bloom, our skin care needs tend to change with the weather. The heavy moisturizers of winter make way for lighter serums, lotions and hydrating toners. And as things move into summer, this need for light and refreshing skin care becomes even more pronounced. One of the easiest ways to transition from winter to spring and summer skin care is to use a hydrosol. It s simple and refreshing, and depending on the ingredients you use, it can also be hydrating, astringent, and calming. 

A hydrosol is basically a plant infused water that is produced as a byproduct of the essential oil making process. While most of the volatile oils and compounds are extracted into the essential oil, some of these do find their way into the hydrosol as well as all of the water soluble components of the plant. As such, using a hydrosol is a great way to deliver many of the same, if not similar, therapeutic and rejuvenative components of an essential oil, but in a more gentle and less concentrated form.
Hydrosols also provide an extremely easy and simple way to upgrade your private label skincare line because they can take the place of plain water in your formulas, instantly boosting the efficacy and complexity of your line. Any hydrosol can be used, but as the weather gets warmer, here are some of our favorite plants to use in hydrosol form to keep the skin cool, refreshed and hydrated:

Rosemary makes a wonderful hydrosol with gentle and aromatic astringent properties perfect for those warm days that tend to make our faces redden and pores seem even larger than usual. A couple spritzes before going out is all you need to tighten those pores!

Rose is considered to be the queen of beauty-promoting flowers, and as a hydrosol it gently hydrates and softens, bringing all of the soft and fragrant magic of its petals into your skin. 

Geranium is heralded for its ability to quickly and expertly regenerate damaged tissue, and it does this exact thing when used as a hydrosol- it s just more gentle this way. Use it on your skin every day, especially if you need some healing and anti aging assistance.

No matter if you have your own private label skincare line or are just looking for your own simple skincare upgrade, know that using a hydrosol is an effective and economical way to adjust your skincare needs to the changing seasons, while still getting all of the anti aging, healing and hydrating properties that you love about those winter creams.
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