Sugar vs. Salt Scrubâ⠬â Which One Is Best?

Have you ever wondered if there was any real difference between a sugar and a salt scrub? Turns out, there is! And whether you have your own private label skincare line, or make your own beauty products at home, the difference between sugar and salt and their appropriate uses is actually pretty important. Both serve an important purpose when used on the skin, and by knowing when to use which, you make more effective your own line, and your own skin care regimen.

In the case of sugar and salt, size does matter. Salt granules are on the larger side, while sugar granules are on the smaller, and this size difference has a noticeable effect on the level of exfoliation that your skin experiences when each substance is employed. The size variation of sugar and salt is also what determines what part of the body you should use a sugar scrub on, versus what part of the body you should use a salt scrub on.

Due to the smaller granule size of sugar, it is not as rough on the skin, and is thus much better for the face than salt. It can of course be used on the entire body, but is particularly useful for the face because it is much less likely to cause any sort of irritation. Sugar is also a preferable alternative for those with sensitive skin because of its gentle nature. Additionally, the smell of sugar leaves the slightest lingering scent of sweetness on the skin that is wonderful on its own, and is also a nice compliment to any private label skincare scrubs that contain other scented ingredients such as Lavender or Peppermint essential oils.

Salt granules are a bit harsher on the skin, which actually makes a salt scrub a great option for anyone with rough knees or elbows, as well as thick callouses that they are trying to get rid of. This makes salt quite a viable option for private label skincare scrubs that are to be used on the feet for at-home or professional pedicures and other beauty treatments of the same sort. Additionally, salt actually contains mild healing and antiseptic properties that may help with inflammation and bacterial issues.

Scrubs made of either sugar or salt have an appropriate place on your bathroom counter and in your private label skincare line. Keep salt to the rough spots and below the neck, and consider sugar your go-to when it comes to sensitive skin and the face.
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