Sweet Birch Essential Oil: Private Label Pain Reliever

Move over traditional menthol-based pain relievers, and make some room for the muscle and joint loving powers of sweet birch essential oil! There s no need for menthol when you ve got the naturally invigorating and clarifying properties of sweet birch at your disposal. When used wisely and appropriately, Sweet birch can be used safely in private label formulas to take away pain and stiffness from the body and to help those with respiratory infections find a much needed breath of fresh air.

Before we go any further into the therapeutic properties of sweet birch, it is important to understand that with this oil, it must always be diluted before use. Because it contains the active ingredient in aspirin, those who are allergic to aspirin, or are on blood thinning medication should not use sweet birch essential oil. Women who are pregnant and people with epilepsy should also avoid use of sweet birch.

The aroma of sweet birch is similar to wintergreen, and is equally as invigorating. It has traditionally been used to massage sore and achy muscles and joints due to its pain relieving and highly anti-inflammatory properties, and thus makes a wonderful addition to private label massage oils and lotions. You can try it on your muscles and joints, or even in the bath, when experiencing aches and soreness, as well as cramps and general muscular discomfort.

But the properties of sweet birch are not limited to the muscular realm. A refreshing, invigorating, and clarifying rub or inhalation blend can be made from it as well. It can help to open up the lungs and sinus, and can be blended with other essential oils such as eucalyptus or black spruce to not only enhance this respiratory aiding action, but to stimulate and calm the mind as well. Private label formulations that feature sweet birch essential oil stand out among the crowded scene of menthol based muscle and respiratory aiding formulas.

If you would like to try something different, try sweet birch essential oil. It smells delicious, is effective, unique, and brings a beautifully enlivening quality to your private label personal care products. If you have a cold, try diffusing a couple drops to help open up your airways, or dilute in a carrier oil of your choice to help soothe and relax strained and achy muscles and joints. Whichever way you choose, you won t be disappointed.

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