Sweet Fennel Essential Oil: Ancient Roman Remedy

Sweet fennel isn t a very commonly used essential oil, but it should be! This oil is a gem when it comes to helping with the elimination of cellulite, assisting in proper digestion, and in releasing negative emotions. It is a lovely herb with a long history of beneficial use and the gentle power of the essential oil it yields makes its long heralded benefits available for us to use today. From aromatherapy to private label skincare, there is a special place for sweet fennel essential oil.

The essential oil of sweet fennel comes from the seeds of the plant and though there are two kinds of fennel to choose from, sweet fennel is preferred for its more gentle nature. Many herbalists enjoy using the seeds of this sweet plant as an easy and gentle digestive aid to help in the alleviation of gas and an upset stomach. It is also a wonderful anti-inflammatory and is considered to have a toning effect on the skin that lends itself to the reduction of wrinkles.

Sweet fennel is also known for its detoxifying effects, hence its ability to assist in the treatment of cellulite and water retention. It can be included in private label skincare creams and gels that target the reduction of cellulite and/or the often accompanying water retention. Alternatively, a few drops can be placed in a carrier oil of your choice and massaged into the affected area. In fact, the Romans were well aware of this anti-cellulite and seemingly diuretic property and referred to sweet fennel as Marathron , meaning, to grow thin .

With its unique anise-like smell and aroma-therapeutic properties , sweet fennel is perfect for use in the diffuser. As the essential oil molecules percolate through your house, you might notice that any heavy emotions you may have begin to fade away while your mental focus and determination increase. This is the kind of mental and emotional relief everyone needs from time to time, and private label essential oil blends utilizing sweet fennel should be formulated with these properties in mind.

Whether you use sweet fennel in your anti aging private label skincare line, in your at home diffuser, or to help with the occasional upset stomach, chances are you ll come to love this underappreciated oil as much as we have. With a fresh licorice scent, and a host of benefits in tow, sweet fennel essential oil is sure to please.

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