Tamanu Oil For Your Private Label

One of our favorite, most simple, and luxurious things to do is to include Tamanu oil in our private label skincare formulas.

It doesn t get much better than Tamanu oil. It brings a powerful edge to all private label skincare products it s included in, and goes wonderfully on the skin alone, or blended with a few complimentary essential oils. Originating from the pacific islands and southeast Asian tropics, it takes 100 kilograms of Tamanu fruit to make 5 kilograms of cold pressed Tamanu oil. This translates into some seriously potent stuff.

Tamanu oil is unique in that it is composed of 92% lipids, making it an extremely moisturizing oil for helping the skin s natural lipid barrier. It has years of extensive research behind it, and is one of the top botanical oils on the market. It can effectively be used in private label face and body products such as body butters, scrubs, moisturizers, serums, and even a creatively formulated facial mask. Tamanu oil is also an excellent oil to use for massage for its easy glide, but would do just as well with an essential oil or two added in.

Because it is so effective at providing moisture while also being very gentle for the skin, it is appropriate for people of all ages and skin types.

As a moisturizer and skincare oil, Tamanu is at the top of the line. Effective and easy to use in a wide variety of products, it s sure to take your private label skincare formulas to the next level.

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