Tea Tree Essential Oil: The Private Label Cure-All

Do you ever wish that there was just one essential oil that you could have on hand for virtually anything? One oil to put into your private label skincare products, one oil to have in your medicine cabinet- the one oil that could do it all? Well folks, say hello to the magnificent essential oil of tea tree. This potent and easy to find essential oil is the botanical superhero you ve been looking for.

The tea tree is native to Australia, and its reputation as a powerful cure all is well known in this area of the world. It is used to treat a lagging immune system as well as a huge variety of topical infections with great success, and is safe for use on children. Bug bites? Put some tea tree oil on them. Fungal infection? Put a couple drops on it. Got a minor injury that needs some infection prevention and healing assistance? Tea tree should do the trick. So for all of you private label lovers out there wondering what you should include in your healing balms, hand sanitizers, bug repellents and essential oil diffuser blends, try tea tree.

A simple application of tea tree is to put a couple drops in a hot bath when you re feeling sick and allow the essential oil vapors to help clear your airways. Private label essential oil blend for immunity, you say? Absolutely. Tea tree essential oil is also wonderfully effective in private label hair care. This is because tea tree increases blood flow to the skin, so when it s rubbed into the scalp blood flow increases, which results in more nutrition delivered to the hair making it stronger, fuller, and all around healthier.

And for those of us who struggle with bleeding gums, or simply wish to have a more natural and effective dental care strategy, tea tree essential oil stands up to the task. Not only is it extremely effective in killing all of those nasty oral bacteria, but it also helps to significantly reduce inflammation. This translates into a fresh, healthy, and clean mouth with perfectly pink gums and a gorgeous, sparkling smile.

So do yourself a favor, and get on the tea tree train. This multi purpose master of an oil has an easy-to-find place in private label skincare and in your medicine cabinet. Whether you re feeling sick, itchy, or are looking for a way to have your private label shampoo stand out, tea tree will stand up to the task.

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