The Benefits of Beeswax for Your Private Label

You ve probably seen beeswax on the ingredient label of a private label skincare product before, but did you ever wonder what it does in the formula? Many people think the only thing beeswax does in private label skincare is help to hold things together. Not so! Beeswax from happy, healthy bees does contain beneficial and beautifying properties that help the skin stay soft, protected and young.

Beeswax is secreted by bees from glands on either side of their bodies, where it is used to protect the hive from infection, to incubate the bee larvae, and to hold the honey. This same antibacterial action is imparted to the skin when used in private label skincare formulas, in turn helping to prevent infection and aiding in the healing of fungal and other bacterial issues on the skin. For people who suffer from bacterial acne, beeswax is a great thing to use.

Beeswax also helps to speed along wound healing because of its antibacterial, protective and anti-inflammatory properties. It is also a humectant, meaning that it attracts moisture to itself, making it perfect for use in private label moisturizers and crèmes, or for anyone who struggles with dry, itchy skin. And speaking of itchy skin, beeswax also helps to quell the dreaded healing itch that comes from wound or other skin healing.

Similar to Hyaluronic Acid, beeswax creates a light protective barrier on the skin that helps to shield it from harsh environmental elements and pollutants that contribute to photo aging, such as cigarette smoke. Additionally, and what makes beeswax so great in this regard, is that while it does create a thin barrier across the skin, it doesn t clog the skin, or keep it from breathing . Private label skincare that incorporates happy beeswax hits all the right protective notes without falling flat in the pore-clogging department.

aBeeswax is beautiful. It has a gorgeous, honey-like smell, a texture that helps to hold private label skincare formulas together, protects the skin, speeds up wound healing, guards against external aging factors, and attracts valuable moisture to itself, in turn keeping the skin soft, young and nourished. It goes perfectly in a variety of private label face and body products that include lip balms, body butters, face masks and eye creams. Beeswax benefits the whole body, not just the face, so use it liberally and with abandon!
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