The Best Aphrodisiac Essential Oils

jasmine flowerBlooming scents from all different kinds of flowers and plants are distilled into potent and precious nectar that can calm, soothe and enhance the mood. Whether it s Valentine s Day, your anniversary or simply your weekly date night, essential oils are a great way to inspire the feelings of love and desire with their naturally aphrodisiac properties. Some scents lean towards the more flowery, feminine side of the aromatic spectrum, and others are considered to be more unisex in their smell. Whether you like bright and floral, or more deep and musky, there s a private label essential oil scent for you.

Jasmine is one of the most classic floral aphrodisiacs, and just a couple drops of this musky, sweet essential oil is enough to enhance the mood of a romantic encounter. The beautiful little white flowers typically bloom at night and are used in India to decorate a new bride on her wedding night. Part of Jasmine s efficacy when used as an aphrodisiac is that it stimulates the brain to release a neurotransmitter that promotes a state of calm and wellbeing. This property makes it especially useful for banishing any nervous jitters during romantic encounters so everything can go smoothly.

Sandalwood is another exotic private label essential oil that has aphrodisiac properties and is a great option for those who do not like more floral smells. Sandalwood essential oil contains a botanical version of the androsterone that our armpits produce a natural sex hormone that both men and women produce. When used on the body, or even in the armpits, the scent of Sandalwood blends with the body s natural aroma and creates a kind of biological-botanical aphrodisiac fusion.

Ylang Ylang, a beautiful tropical flower, is also a blooming beauty used as an aphrodisiac. Similar to Jasmine, Ylang Ylang flowers are traditionally sprinkled over the bed of newly wed couples to signify the flower s status as an aphrodisiac. The smell is sweet, floral and vibrant while also being just the right amount of seductive. It helps to induce feelings of joy and love whilst it drives away sadness and melts away tension and stress.

There are other private label essential oils that can be used as aphrodisiacs, but these three are some of the best and most effective. You can choose to make an aphrodisiac oil blend, or use them as is for whenever the occasion calls for lightheartedness and love.

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