The Best Essential Oils For Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin can be hard to deal with. You just never know when it s going to give you more trouble! As the list of private label skincare products and ingredients that bother your skin goes up, your sense of hope and trust in your own body goes down. Is there a solution out there for you? Or will you forever be doomed to a long list of Don ts and an ever-shrinking one of Do s? The answer to this seemingly overwhelming question is actually quite simple: there are private label skincare ingredients that are perfect for your sensitive, reactive skin. Here s what they are, and why they re your new best friend:

When it comes to sensitive skin, one of the best private label skincare ingredients you could use is sandalwood. This noble and ancient tree gives us one of the most amazing ingredients to soothe, smooth and strengthen the skin: sandalwood nut oil. It offers sensitive skin the gift of fierce protection against inflammation- a very important factor when it comes to keeping already easily bothered skin unbothered. It is rich in a fatty acid known as Ximenynic acid, which is incredibly rare and is responsible for the oil s subsequent inflammation fighting properties. It is a fantastic safeguard against free radicals, which is bonus insurance against premature aging.

Chamomile essential oil is another plant oil that is wonderful for soothing and balancing sensitive and reactive skin. Just like the tea from this plant is used to calm anxiety and soothe overactive minds, so too does the oil soothe, harmonize and balance the skin. Bonus points come from it also being a fantastic anti aging essential oil, so anybody worried about fine lines can put their worries to bed.

Palmarosa essential oil not only brings a fantastic, lemon and rose aroma to private label skincare creations, it also is very balancing for the skin. While this applies to all skin types, it is especially helpful in the context of sensitive and overly reactive skin. Nourishing and regenerative to the skin cells, it is a fantastic addition to your skincare regimen as its results go beyond soothing the skin and move into serious anti aging territory.

While there are certainly other essential oils that you could use for your hyper sensitive skin, a routine that includes one or all of sandalwood nut, chamomile and palmarosa is enough to begin soothing, balancing and strengthening your upset, easily bothered and delicate skin.

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