The Best Oils For Aromatherapeutic Skincare

It s natural to think of private label skincare and only consider the skin. After all, that s what it s for, right? But skincare can be useful for so much more than just the skin. As a matter of fact, your skincare can be a perfect delivery system for aromatherapy! Instead of using straight essential oils placed neat under the nose, diffused in the diffuser or used in a spritz, you can combine them with your skincare for a divinely uplifting experience that tantalizes your senses and feeds your skin.

One of the best essential oils to use in your private label skincare is Lavender. This is because it s so gentle on the skin and the senses yet so wonderfully effective at the same time. Lavender essential oils excels in all things related to healing and fading scars, regenerating skin and calming things down. Aromatherapeutically speaking, it is very calming and is a fantastic oil to use for easing tension and falling asleep. It s also very kid friendly.

Another essential oil that deserves a spot in your private label skincare slot is Rose. A little goes a long way for this one with both its skincare benefits and its aromatherapeutic effects. Consider rose to be the Queen of the beauty making essential oils- it s a serious treat for your skin. It s fantastic for rehydrating the skin cells and preventing and repairing signs of premature aging. It s also a very heart opening essential oil and imparts a light feeling of euphoria. It is also been considered to be a potent aphrodisiac.

Frankincense is an ancient resinous essence that has been used for ages in rituals, ceremonies and meditation because of its illuminating and centering qualities. It is a master when it comes to repairing and restoring damaged and aging skin, and is perfect if you have young skin and want it to stay that way. It makes every formula feel special and your skincare routine feel sacred.

While there are plenty of other essential oils that would do wonders for your skin and psyche, these three are a great place to start. Add them all together or experiment with one at a time. You can add them to existing private label skincare formulas or a simple squirt of Jojoba oil for oil cleansing or as a moisturizer.

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