The Best Private Label Skincare Oils for Babies

You want the best for your baby. You want their skin to be protected and taken care of. The very last thing you want is to irritate your precious little one s delicate skin with chemicals and additives that they just don t need! Though there are many baby products on the market that promise to gently moisturize your little one s skin, you can simply bypass all of that. Forget about reading labels and worrying about unnatural chemicals soaking into your baby s skin. You can use carrier oils instead.

The private label skincare world boasts an impressive array of products, but when it comes to baby, simple and clean is best. To keep your little nugget s skin soft, soothed and protected stick to carrier oils that have been minimally processed and stay stable. These include oils like Jojoba, Coconut and Shea butter. All three of these private label skincare oils are very stable and thus do not go rancid easily, meaning that you can be confident you re not rubbing expired and oxidized oil into your baby s skin.

They are also very high in naturally occurring antioxidants that further add to their already natural stability, as well as helping to protect delicate skin from inflammation. Coconut oil is also naturally antibacterial and antiviral, so using it on things like diaper rash to help calm the inflammation and get rid of the irritation can be very effective. Jojoba oil is very close in its chemical composition to human sebum and is thus very easily absorbed and utilized by the skin. It is also rich in skin soothing and healing vitamin E. Raw African Shea butter has a long history of use on babies and because it is so rich in essential fatty acids and has a thicker texture, it is very protective for the skin.

It can be as simple as rubbing your baby s skin in Jojoba, Coconut or Shea butter after a bath everyday to know that their sensitive and still developing systems are not being bombarded with potentially irritating and harsh chemicals. If you like DIY projects, you can also experiment with a mix of a couple or all three of the aforementioned oils. Together they create a healing and protective synergy that plays off and enhances each oils particular properties. Either way, mixed or plain, private label skincare oils are the simple, easy, effective and clean way to keep your infant s skin hydrated and chemical free.
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