The Five Best Ingredients For Hair Masks

Hair masks are so fun. They re a great way to spend a night at home, or as a do ahead treatment before a special event when you want your hair to really shine. You can buy many good ones that have been pre-made for you, or you can make your own in the comfort of your own home. Many times not only is this a more fun and creative way to do a hair mask, but it actually can turn out to be cheaper, too. While there are no rules for making a hair mask and plenty of good private label skincare ingredients to choose from, here are five of what we consider to be the best ingredients for making a hair mask:

Organic Argan oil: This carrier oil has a reputation for being one of the best oils for hair care, and we agree. It soaks into the hair quickly, doesn t leave a heavy, greasy feel and makes hair softer, stronger and less likely to frizz. It blends great with other oils and ingredients and is equally effective when used on its own.

Rosemary essential oil: Rosemary essential oil is especially good for use on the scalp, and thus is perfect for a hair mask that goes all over your entire head of hair and massaged into your scalp. It helps to tonify the hair follicles and increases circulation, which in turn increases blood flow and nutrients to the hair and scalp.

Jojoba oil: Is there anything this carrier oil can t do? Aside from being a phenomenal private label skincare ingredient, Jojoba oil also goes great as a hair care oil. Similar to Argan oil, Jojoba sinks into the skin and hair quickly and does not feel heavy and overly greasy. It is a balancing oil and can help balance and soothe an irritated scalp.

Raw Shea butter: Thick, creamy and dreamy to the touch, Shea butter is great for people with exceptionally dry and frizzy hair. It is very nourishing and moisturizing and also helps make your hair mask feel more like a mask and less like a simple oil treatment. It also blends with other ingredients wonderfully.

Raw honey: When sourced from healthy, happy bees, honey is a fantastic humectant to use in your DIY hair mask recipes. It helps the hair to attract and hold moisture, which is very important for overall hair health. It s especially nice whipped with raw Shea butter.

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