The Most Important Product for Your Skin Care Line: Eye Serum

Are you a corporate skin care line seeking additional product for your brand?

RainShadow Labs has you covered.  RSL is a Private Label Manufacturer that delivers high-end, natural product for you to boost your brand and sales!

The most important product you need to add to your skin-care line right now is an Eye Serum that brings down puffiness.  Puffy eyes are a boon to both men and woman.  No one wants to walk around looking like they haven t slept in two years.  Puffy Eyes make people feel self-conscious, aged, and altogether worn out even if they are confident, young, energetic people!

That s why you need to offer an Eye Serum for Puffy Eyes.  It s a niche product your customers will be thrilled over!   

RainShadow Labs can provide you with a premium Eye Serum that delivers results and comes at a true value.  Our Eye Bright Gel has nothing less than extraordinary powers!

This incredible Eye Serum fights:

  • Puffing

  • Dark circles

  • Sagging

  • Wrinkles

  • Loss of plump and firm

  • Loss of tone and resilience.

Our Eye Bright Gel is a true transcendent beauty product!

Plus, blended with the most optimum ingredients from Plant Stem Cells to Multiple Complex Peptide blends.... from botanically derived Hyaluronic Acid Spheres to fiber and cellular rebuilding Amino Acids...collagen boosting and skin firming and wrinkle repairing ingredients are fully loaded into this genius formula. People will get addicted!

Come check out our Eye Bright Gel and all the other supreme products we offer at RainShadow Labs!

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