The Need to Measure Your Essential Oils Correctly

Essential oils are used in a variety of different ways. They are amazing tools for people who need help in a natural and safe way. However, there is a proper way to go about using oils. Many oils cannot be directly applied to the skin or used in their pure form. Just like prescription drugs, essential oils also need to be used carefully. Be sure to know how to properly use the oils before using them. A lot of essential oils need to be diluted before being used. A carrier oil is a good option for dilution purposes. Many times a carrier oil can make the oil much safer, and sometimes allows the oil to be used directly on the skin. The measurements that you use depend on the type of essential oils you decide to use. It can be confusing to know how much to use, and when. That is why it is important to get clear instructions before trying to use the oil. Also, when measuring out the oil be sure you are measuring them correctly. There are a few different measurement systems that are used with blending formulas. Each person will give you different measurements when giving you the formula for their blend. Some will give you measurement in ounces or millimeters. Others will give you measurements such as a teaspoon or cup. Another popular measurement is by measuring per drop . Get familiar with these measurements. If you are unsure, find a mentor who is familiar with the measurement system. They will be able to help you with your learning process until you get the hang of it. As a general rule remember that using oil on children requires more dilution. The same holds true for the elderly. Be careful before ever using any essential oil on a woman who is pregnant, since the oil will absorb through the skin and can directly affect the unborn baby.

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