The Sugar Product That s Actually Good For Your Skin

sugar scrubIf you want beautiful and young skin, the first thing you think about probably isn t sugar. Perhaps you think of something like vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid or plant peptides- and understandably so. However, as unassuming as sugar may seem, it s actually the source of one of the best private label skincare ingredients around. Though most popularly known for its ability to make sweet treats, sugar can do a lot more than just excite your palette.

Sugar cane is the source of a private label skincare ingredient known as Glycolic Acid. It s a member of the AHA family (otherwise known as Alpha Hydroxy Acids), which is a group of naturally derived acids that exfoliate and youthen the skin. Each AHA has its own specialized mode of action and the effects and intensity of each AHA are unique. Glycolic Acid is great because it is one of the safest AHA s you could use while still yielding noticeable skincare results.

While some Alpha Hydroxy Acids can cause your skin to peel, Glycolic Acid eats away the outermost layer of dead skin cells and makes room for the skin to bring new, fresh and plump skin cells to the top. This dual action results in skin that is glowing, fresh and juicy because there is no dull buildup blocking the fresh skin underneath. Additionally, the constant production of new and young skin cells ensures that the skin stays juicy and young instead of tired and sagging.

While some private label skincare sources of Glycolic Acid are now synthetically produced, it is typically still derived from sugar cane. And along with getting rid of that dull outer layer of dead skin cells, Glycolic Acid also helps to lighten hyperpigmentation spots and to alleviate and prevent blemishes and black heads. The reason it helps to prevent blackheads and blemishes is that by keeping the skin properly exfoliated it reduces the probability of any pores getting clogged, which in turn prevents the formation of blackheads and blemishes.

As you can see, Glycolic Acid is a fantastic private label skincare ingredient and can be used in masks, cleansers, serums and scrubs for excellent results. Care should be taken when using any kind of AHA because they can cause some sensitivity to the sun, so if you live in a sunny climate or are using Glycolic Acid during the summer make sure to take the necessary precautions to avoid sunburn. It ll be worth it.

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