The Value of A Soaking Blend For Your Private Label

Do you like to take baths? They re a great way to relax when you need a break, but why stop there? Why not take bath time up a notch, and use it as a way to further the healing and health of your skin? How is this done? Simple with a private label skincare blend of healing salts and minerals. Boost your private label skincare line, your beauty, and your relaxation time with the simple miracle of mineral salts.

There are a few different options when it comes to soaking salts. Some people like to use salt from the Dead Sea, while others use Epsom salts or Magnesium flakes to soothe sore muscles. When considering what you would like to include in your private label skincare lineup, consider what you would like the salts to accomplish. There are different textures to consider, along with the option to include some kind of fragrance. You could even mix your soaking blend with a little bit of Jojoba oil to add a moisturizing effect, or little bits of rose petals or Lavender for extra special visual appeal.

If you want to keep it simple, then stick to one kind of soak, with maybe an essential oil added in to differentiate the product from other soaking blends. For example, you could have a Dead Sea Salts soak with a few drops of our Lavender/Rose/Neroli blend, or perhaps a mineral soak with Yuzu essential oil. If you d like to spice it up and get a little creative, then mix different salts and minerals together, like Magnesium and mineral salts, or Dead Sea salt with our Coconut Milk and Honey Crystals.

If you really want to take it up a notch, adding a little bit of clay and/or seaweed to your private label soaking formula is a great way to add a detoxifying and nutritive element to an already superbly relaxing and skin, body, and mind rejuvenating product. Remember, baths are almost like a mental health investment, so make them more fun, enjoyable, and effective by using, or creating, a thoughtfully formulated private label skincare soaking blend.

There are many creative possibilities, so make it as simple or ornate as you want. Just pick your mineral/salt blend of choice, add a drop or two of an essential or carrier oil if you like, and voila! Nourishing, relaxing, and detoxifying bath salts at your service.
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