The Water of Life: The Many Uses of Rose Water

Rose essential oil is oil that is extracted from the roses petals. The extraction process happens through steam distillation. Rose essential oil is a very popular essential oil that is used in perfumes.

 Rose water is the leftover liquid that comes from the distillation process that is used to make rose essential oil. Rose water is not as potent as rose oil. It does, however, have many great uses.

 Rose water and rose essential oil is most often used in fragrance settings. They are used a lot in perfumes and body lotions. They can be used in a lot of facial creams as well.

 Rose water is also used in aromatherapy. Rose water can still have antiseptic properties. In the age of Rome people were even known to use rose water to clean their hands.

 Rose water has other purposes besides being used in aromatherapy and bath and body products. Rose water has also been used in various countries in the world in their cooking. Not a lot of Americans are use to this fact.

 Rose water has been used in food recipes for hundreds of years. It is used a lot in recipes for desserts. Turkish delight, a favorite European treat, uses rose water as a form of flavoring.

 Rose water is also used in worship ceremonies. Most notably it is used in both Muslim and Hindu practices. The reason was because it was thought to have good cleansing properties.

 Rose water has a lot of uses. Take advantage of it. Whether it is through aromatherapy, bath and body products, perfumes, or cooking rose water is very beneficial. You can purchase rose water or make your own rose water on your own. Because distillation is a complex operation, you will obviously receive more worthwhile properties by getting rose water from qualified sellers.
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