Tips For A Successful Private Label

So you finally did it- you started your own private label! The skincare industry is an exciting one, and there s so much opportunity to be creative, work with new and exciting plants and ingredients, and to help and inspire people to be their best. Though it seems like a simple, and perhaps even superficial thing, skincare is a big deal! It helps people with their self esteem, boosts self care and even personal health by supporting the skin to perform and behave with integrity. This is why you need to make sure that your private label skincare line is the best it can be, and that s where we come in.

To be successful in the private label skincare world requires plenty of strategy, hard work, creativity and a genuine desire to sell quality product that works. While there s no way we could cover everything here, we ll touch on some of the bases you need to make sure you re hitting if you want your private label skincare line to be successful.

First, you need to make sure your products actually work. They need to do what their labels say they re going to do. This might sound basic, but it s amazing how many lines are out there with poor quality product that doesn t help the skin in the long term. Test your products on yourself. Give some to your friends and family. Ask for feedback. Do everything you can to make sure that when your line hits the shelves you feel confident that your customers are going to come back for a repeat purchase.

This leads us to the next order of business: make sure you only use pure, proven and natural ingredients. Petroleum derived, denatured and low quality ingredient sources lead to sub par, less effective products that you have a lower chance of reselling because they just don t work as well. Even if your price point is on the lower side, you can still create a fantastic private label with pure ingredients by simply downsizing your ingredient deck to include a few choice star botanicals that work.

You also need to know who your customer is. What do they want? What motivates them? What scares them? What need(s) are you fulfilling for them? Answering these questions will help you better formulate your products, design your packaging and labels and dial in your marketing because you ll know the who, what and why of your brand- and those who will be buying it.

This list is by no means exhaustive, but these three points are a great place to start and can help form the backbone of a very fulfilling and successful private label skincare line.

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