Top 3 Cosmetics to Make an Impact

Women these days have busy lives. Single women and mothers alike often times have limited time for themselves. Shopping for and applying wholesale cosmetics can be time consuming and a hassle. There are 3 cosmetics that can easily applied and used daily that will have a major impact on your skin and will help you to have a put together appearance, even with limited time.

  1. SPF Foundation: A foundation that is light in texture and includes an SPF of 15 or more will create a fresh look. A foundation can be applied quickly and will cover flaws and skin discoloration. The SPF will protect the skin from sun damage.

  1. Mascara: If you dont have time or the desire to apply eye shadow and eyeliner daily, mascara is the key. A light and quick swipe of dark brown mascara will help to open up your eyes and create a polished appearance.

  1. Tinted lip balm: Forget about lipstick that has to be applied over and over during the day, glossy lip polish that creates a sticky mess and long wear lip sticks that can dry out your lips. A tinted lip balm will keep your lips soft and add just a hint of color.

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