Top 7 Uses for Lavender Essential Oil

Most essential oils are wildly powerful, and their uses are far ranging and impressive. But Lavender Essential Oil is especially magical! The ancient Greeks and ROmans used lavender in their bathhouses (the name Lavender comes from the Latin word lavare to wash) because they saw how effective it was against so many different toxins!  Lavender isn t just for the bath water- it has so many wondrous uses!  Here are RainShadow Labs Top 7 Uses of Lavender Essential Oil! 

  1. Fragrance - Lavender Essential Oil is fantastic as a personal fragrance.  Its scent is light, clean and feminine. Lavender blends well with other essential oils like Geranium, Rose, Clary Sage and Jasmine for a fresh, pretty perfume.

  1. Stress reducer Lavender Essential Oil known to relax stress and anxiety.  It relieves tension, emotional distress, reduces restlessness and even revitalizes nervous exhaustion.

  2. Insomnia Studies have shown that Lavender Essential Oil helps people with insomnia.  It has a sleepy effect and is especially helpful for children and the elderly who wake up in the middle of the night and have trouble getting back to bed.

  3. Skin Care Some of Lavender Essential Oil s most famous benefits are its skin care uses!  Lavender Essential Oil inhibits acne bacteria, controls oil production, reduces scaring, and aids cellular regeneration.  It softens wrinkles, reduces inflammation and even heals wounds, cuts, burns and sunburns.  Use as a spot treatment for pimples, or add to a lotion for over-all benefits.

  4. Breathing For those with asthma, smoking induced respiratory problems, or lung congestion, Lavender Essential Oil is immensely healing! Apply to the skin in the neck, chest or back, or add to your humidifier or diffuser.

  5. Mosquito repellent Mosquitos hate the smell of pure, undiluted Lavender Oil so use some as your bug repellent when you go camping!

  6. Restoring hair - It s been studied that Lavender Essential Oil can actually spur hair growth in people who are balding!  Great for men and women who are loosing hair!

We could actually go on and on about the uses of Lavender Essential Oil.  The benefits are seemingly endless.  But why don t you try for yourself and see what it does for you.  The proof is in the product!  Test out some our natural, pure grade Lavender Essential Oil!  
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