Top Ways to Ruin Your Soap Batches

Ruined soap batches can really make me grumpy. Soap making is a lot of fun, but it is also a lot of hard work. There are common soap making mistakes that can happen to ruin a bath of soap. Below are top mistakes people make during the soap making process.

Experimentation is important, but it can also cause a ruined batch of soap. When you first start out with your experimentation you will more likely than not have batches that do not turn out. When you are first starting out and getting the hang of it prevent ruined batches by sticking to recipes, and leaving the experimentation for a later day.

Too big a batch can also turn in to a flop. When you are trying out a new recipe think small and then work your way up. Avoid wasting ingredients, and thus money, by large test batches. Once you know the recipe works for a smaller sized batch you can work towards a larger batch, since you know it worked the first time.

Impatience is a cause for ruined batches. Soap making requires time. If you don t have the patience for the amount of time it takes for the entire process you will likely botch the batch by not letting it formulate correctly.

Putting in too much of the ingredients can also ruin your soap. There is a reason why there are measurements for the ingredients you put in your soap. It prevents the soap from being too thick or too watery, which extra measurements of ingredients can cause.

For example, if you put in too much fragrance you can cause the oil to make the soap mixture more watery than the recipe called for. You should also be careful about the types of fragrances you put in the soap, with out testing it out first. Essential oils and fragrance oils are not ingredients you want to waste on larger batches because they will be one of your most costly ingredients.

And obviously not using the soap making recipe will also pose a problem. Stick to your recipes. When you start experimenting and venturing out, write down recipes that work so you don t have to ruin any batches because you forgot the right ingredients and measurements.

There are a lot of things you can do to have a successful run with homemade soap. Sticking to the recipe and directions is the best way to ensure a successful batch. The process can be a fun activity and hobby that does not have to be hard.
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