Turmeric Essential Oil: Botanical Anti Aging Genius

Turmeric has been getting a lot of press lately in the health world because of the amazing anti inflammatory and healing properties it possesses. As you may already know, inflammation is one of the most detrimental processes our skin can be exposed to, and keeping it in check is of the utmost importance if your goal is to have a bright, tight and healthy complexion.

Turmeric is a master inflammation-buster and what s interesting is that you actually get more of turmeric s medicinal and beautifying components when you use it as an essential oil.

Turmeric is still used today in the ancient Indian system of medicine known as Ayurveda. It is thought to warm and strengthen the entire body and is used for everything from expelling intestinal worms and improving sluggish digestion to speeding up wound healing and reducing inflammation. The essential oil of turmeric is said to activate over a dozen anti-inflammatory proteins within the skin and it also blocks Nf-kb, a highly inflammatory molecule that can wreak havoc on your skin quality and resilience.

Turmeric essential oil also activates something known as protective transcription factors, or NRF2s. These NRF2s are like superior anti oxidants that go above and beyond what a typical antioxidant can do. Instead of being consumed in the process of free radical neutralization the way something like vitamin C would be, the NRF2s actually attract more electrons to themselves, in turn providing longer term anti aging protection and optimization to each cell.

By activating these natural protection factors within the skin, turmeric essential oil delivers a double dose of anti aging intelligence that inspires a truly beautiful brilliance within our skin. And because our cells are already programmed by nature for radiance, including a substance like turmeric essential oil in our skin care routines serves to capitalize on the skins natural tendencies toward dermal health and adequate skin cell maintenance.

Essential oils are like concentrated natural intelligence and when we put them on our skin, that natural intelligence is transferred to our skin cells. In the realm of botanical intelligence, turmeric could be considered a genius. And when it s in essential oil form, that genius becomes impressively multiplied. By including turmeric essential oil in your private label skin care and personal beauty routine, you not only repair past inflammatory damage, you prevent it from happening in the first place.


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