Upgrade Your Private Label Serum

Serums are one of the most effective skincare products available. Their smaller molecules mean that the product penetrates deeper into the skin, giving you better and longer lasting results. This also means that if any of the ingredients in the serum are not of the highest quality, these too will go deeper into your skin, which is not a good thing. Therefore, optimizing your private label serum to be the best of the best is a surefire way to make your private label skincare line stand out with results that shine.

One of the great things about a serum is that it can be very multidimensional, accomplishing a range of things at once. For example, you could formulate a serum to be moisturizing, protective, and collagen stimulating all at the same time. This makes a serum probably one of the most valuable products for a private label skincare line, both for its utility and effectiveness. Also, for those who are on a budget, a serum is the perfect product to purchase because it gives you the most bang for your buck.

Currently, vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid serums are very popular, and for good reason. Both ingredients provide valuable healing and regeneration to the skin, and though many people choose to just use one over the other, there s really no reason why you can t include both in your serum. Together, they provide potent free radical neutralization, enhanced skin cell turnover, maximized hydration and protection from the elements. What more could you want?

Another way to upgrade your private label serum is to include skin-healing oils in your formula. Be it a carrier oil or essential oil, these can offer your formula a beautifying botanical boost. If carrier oils are your thing, consider something like Tamanu for scar repair, Rosehip seed for antioxidants, or Jojoba for an overall balancing affect. If you would like to try your hand with essential oils, something like Geranium would be perfect for scar and blemish control, while Turmeric obliterates inflammation and Rose perfectly hydrates.

Including a serum in your private label skincare line is a smart and effective way to make sure that your product line up is the best of the best. And using a serum is a surefire way to deliver potent skin nutrition that doesn t cut corners. Give your serum an upgrade and try an active ingredient like vitamin C, or include a skin healing oil like Tamanu or Geranium.

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