Vanilla Essential Oil: Sweet, Creamy Ambrosia

The sweet and warming scent of Vanilla is a classic, loved by men, women, and children alike. This sensuous, sweet, and creamy elixir is extracted from the fruits of an exotic flower and brings equally exotic qualities to the blends it s included in. While most widely used as an alcohol based extract for flavoring food, the essential oil of Vanilla is actually where most of its therapeutic and flavorful properties lie.

Vanilla was first discovered by the Europeans upon travel to the Gulf Coast of Mexico and this beautiful orchid played an important part in the historic spice trade that was part of shaping and creating the New World. The Vanilla flowers are white and trumpet shaped and it is the green pod-like fruits of the plant that are picked and cured before being turned into an essential oil. The word Vanilla means little pod , and the essential oil of Vanilla comes from this sticky, resinous part of the plant.

Vanilla essential oil contains a strong antidepressant compound known as Vanillin Hydroxybenzaldehyde. Because it is such a universally pleasant smell, using it in aromatherapy is not only easy, but most everyone is bound to like it. It brings a warm and almost creamy component to essential oil blends and makes a delicious natural perfume. When diffused throughout the house, one is bound to feel cozy and uplifted, no doubt due to its natural calming effects and sensual aroma.

Not surprisingly, Vanilla is also considered to be an aphrodisiac. Aside from the obvious appeal in regards to its smell, Vanilla actually stimulates the body to produce Testosterone and Estrogen, two important hormones that regulate and boost arousal. The calming effects of Vanilla also play a part in this component of Vanilla, as we all know being nervous around your sweetheart can lead to some awkward encounters!

Vanilla s smooth, warm, sweet-creamy essence is a healing, comforting and uplifting botanical blend of soothing phytochemistry that offers its gifts to you through your nose, hormones, and mind. It is an absolutely superb oil to combine in perfume and aromatherapy blends, and also lends a classic scent to private label skincare products that is both refreshing and warm. It is neither feminine nor masculine, and can most definitely be added into blends for men as well as women. If you are feeling down, or simply need to calm down, Vanilla is the essential oil for you.

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