Vetiver Essential Oil: Multipurpose Grass

While many essential oils are made from flowers, there are other types of plants that can be used as well. Vetiver is an earthy, musky smelling grass that offers up its essential oil for a multitude of uses, not the least of which is as a simple natural perfume. It is used daily in many parts of India and is also an effective private label skincare ingredient and infection fighter.

Vetiver is an extremely popular plant in India. The dried roots and grasses are used to thatch the roofs and mattresses of earthen houses, as well as their doorways and windows, due to the plant s insect repelling and cooling properties. Vetiver also has a pleasant musky smell that infiltrates the home, providing a sort of built in aromatherapy. This same application of Vetiver can be utilized in more modern settings through the use of an at-home essential oil diffuser.

The essential oil of Vetiver is distilled from the roots of the plant and has been used extensively in the perfume industry for its slightly earthy, musky smell. From an aroma-therapeutic perspective, Vetiver is said to help relax the mind and nervous system and has long been considered an aphrodisiac partly because of these exact relaxing and calm promoting properties. Vetiver can also be used as an antiseptic, making it a favorable plant in its homeland of India, since the wet and hot conditions are often breeding grounds for infections and harmful bacteria.

Vetiver is also an anti inflammatory agent and exerts a cooling effect on external irritations. It is an effective cicatrisant, which means that it helps to eradicate the appearance of scars and other marks from the skin. It does this in part by promoting the formation of new and fresh tissue, which then replaces the dark and discolored tissue that once made up the scar. Because it is so good with rejuvenating the skin, it can be used on stretch marks, burns, and even pockmarks, making it a wonderful addition to private label anti aging skincare and essential oil blends alike.

Vetiver is an unique essential oil with therapeutic qualities that range from calming the mind and healing the skin to keeping away pests and fighting infections. Its smell is suitable for both men and women and is often used in skincare to calm inflammation and lighten scars. When used in the diffuser it helps to keep away bugs, purify the air, and offer a lightness of heart.

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