What NOT To Do If You Have Dry Skin

dry skinDry skin, especially when improperly cared for and even aggravated by improper skincare practices, can not only be unsightly but can also be painful. While it might seem like a simple and straightforward issue to fix, the reality is that there are so many conflicting pieces of advice that some people end up doing more harm than good for their skin. Thankfully, proper dry skin care does not have to be hard, complicated or confusing. By following just a couple simple principles, you can heal your dry skin for good.

When it comes to dryness, there are two main principles to adhere to: deliver deep moisture and get rid of inflammation. When these two principles are followed, chronic dryness is eliminated and the skin is restored to its former soft, glowing and hydrated state. If you have dry skin, you do not want to use harsh toners, soaps and other substances that strip the skin of its protective barrier. These only make the skin more irritated and inflamed, and prevent the skin from adequately holding onto moisture. Instead, you want to use private label skincare ingredients that strengthen, repair and nourish your skin s natural protective barrier. These ingredients include high quality cold pressed plant lipids, polysaccharide rich plants such as Aloe Vera and specialized private label skincare ingredients like our Silk Amino Acid complex.

Plant lipids keep the skin cells lubricated and flexible rather than brittle and easily penetrated by foreign invaders. They also maintain the proper Ph balance of your skin s natural acid mantle which further protects the skin from harmful foreign substances and allows it to function properly; of these proper functions, holding onto moisture is one of them. Plant lipids also contain a wide variety of moisturizing and inflammation busting essential fatty acids.

Plant such as Aloe Vera and private label skincare ingredients like our amino acid complex help dry skin in a few different ways. Aloe Vera is a humectant, meaning it attracts water to itself. It also holds water in. Silk Amino Acid complex prevents dermal water loss and keeps the cellular structure of the skin strong and integrous.

If you have dry skin or have your own private label skincare line that addresses dry skin, make sure you include plenty of high quality moisturizing plant lipids into your formulas. Then, if you are feeling creative, add in other specialty ingredients like Aloe or amino acids for enhanced moisture retention.

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