White Thyme Essential Oil: Multipurpose Herbal Oil

Most people are familiar with thyme as a culinary herb, as its wonderfully bright and pungent aroma has certainly captivated chefs for years and years. But this little herb does more than add a burst of flavor to food. It also makes a wonderful essential oil with exceptional antibacterial and disinfecting qualities that lend themselves perfectly to private label formulas for use around the house and in the diffuser.

Thyme essential oil contains a host of effective antibacterial and antiseptic compounds that can be used to fight infection and clean your house. Because the aroma of white thyme is so pleasant, using it alone in the diffuser is most definitely an ideal way to make good use of this plant oil s beneficial compounds. It can also be blended with other essential oils such as lemon, lavender, and rosemary for a private label blend that goes beautifully in the diffuser, or in private label manufactured household cleaning products.

When using white thyme essential oil to clean your home, a couple drops will do. Perfect for areas such as the bathroom and kitchen, you can say goodbye to nasty bacteria that easily accumulate in heavily used areas such as these. And by using thyme essential oil around your house, you get to take advantage of this wonderful oil s aroma therapeutic qualities as well. Thyme essential oil is said to boost memory, aid in concentration, and help alleviate depression.

Private label essential oil blends that include thyme can also be used to help relieve a stressed immune system, especially if you have a cough. It is said to help drain congestion and help cure infections, as well as to alleviate some of the bodily aches and pains that come along with being sick. So whether you use this lovely oil in a blend or alone, in the diffuser or in your household cleaning products, you get the added bonus of supporting your immune system.

Multipurpose ingredients are always a welcome addition to private label and at-home products and white thyme essential oil is definitely one of those ingredients. Put it in your household cleaners for effective germ killing and prevention and add it to your private label essential oil blends to assist the immune system and help clear the mind and heart of depression, all while simultaneously enhancing concentration and memory.

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