There s nothing more classic than the scent of lavender!  Its fragrance redolent the fields of France plus its magnificent botanical healing benefits have made lavender one of the most sought after herbs in personal care product manufacturing.  With its premier heritage, lavender hydrosol brings elegance and marvelous beauty to your private label skin care products.

Lavender grows prolifically all over the world in multiple climates.  Its niche in each climate, however, is always the same: lavender seeks out dry, sandy or gravelly soil always!  Lavender roots are susceptible to rotting and so need dry soil in order to flourish.  This isn t your average plant that likes to sink deep into the silt and dirt.  Lavender keeps itself fresh and pretty, even down to its dainty roots.  This speaks a lot to how the biochemistry of lavender works in personal care products!   

Biochemically, lavender has over 180 organic compounds that all work to keep the skin as clean and immaculate as the plant keeps its roots!  It s why lavender is actually the original hydrosol!  Lavender was used by the ton to perfume and disinfect the waters of the Roman bathhouses.  Lavender even takes its name from the Latin verb lavare i.e. to wash.  Lavender hydrosol fights bacteria, fungus, microbes, and viral infections in the skin.  It s an incredible acne fighter and dandruff healer.  It even adds radiance to the complexion by also regenerating skin and healing scars!  With lavender hydrosol, your skin will look and feel sparkling!

In aromatherapy, lavender calms the mind, eases stress, and relaxes the nerves.  It is used for inner peace, purification, meditation, mental clarity, centering and upliftment.  Analogous to the way lavender operates biochemically and as a plant, the fragrance of lavender is energetically cleansing and clearing.  Ah, the beauty of freshness!

Lavender hydrosol combines all of the aforementioned therapeutic and anti aging qualities into a wonderfully light and delicate aqueous solution. Every spritz is teeming with lavender s  potent biochemical and aroma therapeutic properties. It is perfect as an anti aging product base and uplifting body spray, as well as an unbelievably fresh toner and linen spray. However you choose to use it, make sure to infuse your private label skin care products with radiance-enhancing lavender hydrosol.

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