Reinvigorate your line with the unique, citrus powers of lime hydrosol! Increase skin elasticity, brighten your complexion, and get rid of cellulite. Wholesale lime hydrosol holds potent botanical powers that can be used anywhere and everywhere in your personal care product creations!

Limes originated in Indonesia many thousands of years ago and these super-sweet and super-acidic fruits can only grow in tropical climates.  Limes, playful greens as they are, don t like the cold! They abundantly bear fruit year round.  The fragrance of their leaves and blossoms attracts pollinators, while the oil compounds in the rind of the fruit repels predators.  It is the compounds in this protective oil that are so wildly look and feel young.   

When in a hydrosol, these bioactive compounds are strong enough to tighten and tone the skin, and gentle enough to be used by the more sensitive among us. Lime hydrosol s fresh and fruity aroma brings a sense of playful tranquility to the product use experience. Interestingly, in Ayurveda, limes are thought to be activating, but cooling (versus lemons which are activating and warming).  As such, the lime fragrance will energetically reinvigorate a person, defeating depression and apathy, and assuage and mollify anger at the same time.  Lime hydrosol is wonderfully special in that it uplifts and energizes while also encouraging serenity!

Limes and lime hydrosol are like Botox in a fruit!  Lime hydrosol tones up muscles, tissues and skin and prevents signs of tired looking skin.  When added to body lotions, the active compounds in lime hydrosol stimulate circulation and decrease cellulite!  This spunky citrus water is a major skin revitalizer that helps retain youth for a long time.  It is particularly noted that lime hydrosol will balance the pH in oily skin, tighten the epidermis, and heal minor blemishes!  

Lime hydrosol has almost endless utility. It makes an unbelievable product to clear skin, and can even be used as a rinse for those who struggle with excess facial oil. For aromatherapy, lime hydrosol brings balance where there was once depression and apathy. Use it generously in your private label skin care creations.

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