Throughout the ages, women of power have been revered for their timeless and everlasting beauty. There was Cleopatra for the Egyptians, the goddess Aphrodite for the Greeks, and Marie Antoinette for the French. Each had her own secrets and potions, and for Marie, that secret was the fragrant floral water of the orange blossom.

Orange blossoms are small, snow-white flowers that grow in clusters. They emit an intoxicating fragrance to attract bees and other pollinators seeking the ambrosia of their nectar. These blooms hold all the potential to become that sweet, luscious orange that is so loved around the world.  And, in that potential, they also hold a host of healing compounds that are beneficial for the skin!

Historically, the clean daintiness of the orange blossom has symbolized purity and been used in wedding ceremonies as such. The friendly, soft fragrance was used by ancient Moroccans to welcome guests.  Such is the royal elegance of orange blossom water that oranges were cultivated in France for the sole purpose of creating perfumed water for Marie Antoinette.

Orange blossom water, or hydrosol as it is known in the skincare world, can make the skin feel like pure satin.  It is hydrating and soothing to any dry, irritated and aging appearance. It reduces oil production, shrinks pores, and heals acne and acne inflammation.  Sensitive skin types really appreciate the inclusion of orange blossom water into personal care products because the volatile compounds in orange blossom that heal also work very gently.  That s why in France orange blossom hydrosol is a traditional additive in baby products!

As an additive in your private label skin care products, orange hydrosol brings gentle healing, delicate beauty, and a delicious natural scent. Incorporate orange blossom hydrosol into your skin care routine for soft, tight and acne-free skin. The beautifying effects of this bright white flower have stood the test of time, and are now available for the modern day woman.

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