Why Oily Skin Isn't A Bad Thing

Oily skin has gotten a bad rap. There are literally hundreds of products sold specifically for skin that s oily. From facial wipes to cleansers and oil free moisturizers and masks, your skin s naturally occurring sebum has been the target of a lot of bad press. And we re here to say that it s undeserving! While that afternoon forehead shine may not be the stuff dreams are made of, it actually has some good to offer you.

To start, people with oily skin age better. This is because dry skin is going to weather harder and harsher, whereas oily skin has a naturally protective moisturizer built in that automatically helps keep the skin smooth and lubricated. This means that things like fine lines and weather worn wrinkles are a lot harder to come by in people with oily skin. That leathery texture that comes from intense environmental exposure has a much easier time developing in those with drier skin than in folks with an oily complexion.

Oily skin is also fairly easy to bring into balance. If your skin is producing an overabundance of oil, there are a few, easy and simple steps you can take to help your skin find a balanced rate of oil production. First, if you are using any harsh products, including foaming cleansers and alcohol based toners, now s the time to give those up. The reason is that they strip the skin of it s natural oils, which then makes the skin go into overdrive to produce more oil because it thinks it s not producing enough. So, halting the use of oil stripping products is step number one.

Number two is to use adaptogenic private label skincare ingredients like Jojoba oil, to help your skin produce the correct amount of oil. Jojoba oil is great for this because its chemical makeup is extremely close to that of your skin s sebum, so it s super easy for your skin to utilize it. Jojoba teaches your skin how much oil to produce, doesn t clog pores, easily removes makeup and dirt and delivers a comprehensive spectrum of vitamin E. It s basically a balancing cleanser, moisturizer and serum all rolled into one.

If you have oily skin, don t fret. Not only is it actually a blessing in disguise, it s also incredibly easy to balance out. With irritating and harsh private label skincare products thrown in the trash and adaptogens like Jojoba at the ready, your skin can be balanced and beautiful in no time.

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